ADV.1 To Offer New Lamborghini & Audi OEM Program

Yep, that’s right, ADV.1 + Lambo = A Win! I’ll probably get a lot of heat because of this but let’s face it–Lamborghini’s factory wheels aren’t the best looking, IMO anyway… Well, what if you could snag a Lamborghini or R8 directly from a dealer but have a wider range of rollers to choose from? That’s exactly what you can do now, thanks to ADV.1!

They’ve been working on setting up this deal with authorized Lambo dealerships for nearly a year to bring you some head-turning options with better fitment and the utilization of stronger but lighter materials. As of right now they are specifically catering to the LP700, Murcileago, LP550-560-570, Gallardo, as well as every available R8 version out there.

ADV1 5.1 SL

So what about driveability? Well they claim to have you covered in that area too. ADV.1 states that you can purchase a Lamborghini or R8 right off the lot with an

ADV.1 setup that uses all OEM tire fitments and won’t have any rubbing or handling issues.

They also went on to say that if your local dealer isn’t setup with this program, not to worry. Simply let them know it’s available and have them call ADV.1 to get setup. If you don’t have any luck there maybe ADV.1 will be willing to contact your local dealer for you. Just send them an email or give them a call.

white adv1 lambo

Check out what’s available for your next R8 or Lambo at

Do you plan on purchasing a Lambo or R8 with a set of ADV.1 wheels directly from a dealer anytime soon? Drop us a heads up in the comments section or shoot us an email with pictures for a feature post.

[images via: adv1]

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