Switzer Performance Mercedes Tuning 700HP CLS63 AMG

Ohio-based Switzer Performance is a family-run company that specializes in making performance upgrades and custom builds to popular cars. The company has earned its stellar reputation and has won the hearts of Nissan fans with their unique Nissan R35 GT-R builds. However, word has gotten around that Switzer might have found its newest favorite, in […]

State of New Jersey Says No To Tesla Direct Sales

White Tesla Model S

Consumers in New Jersey hoping to purchase Tesla’s electric cars directly from the company will have to go elsewhere, thanks to the new ruling passed by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission. According to the ruling, Tesla is now prohibited from directly selling its cars to the public starting this April. Tesla has deviated from the […]

Ferrari And Apple CarPlay Collaboration Results In Really Outdated Dashboard

Apple has finally unveiled the much awaited car iOS, CarPlay, with its production version set to invade your car’s dashboard. Currently, manufacturers Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo have all implemented the system known previously as “iOS in the Car”. Ferrari has already set the price tag at $295,000 SRP, and has conducted several demonstrations on how […]

Official Specs Released on the US 2014 Nissan GTR

2014 Nissan GTR

US-based Godzilla fans rejoice! Nissan has finally released some heavy details on its much awaited 2014 Nissan GTR for your viewing pleasure. Much of the body styling seems to have have gone untouched; however, some say Nissan should design a more exotic looking GTR while others think it’s perfect the way it sits. Digging deeper […]

Gates Belt Wear App

Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear again–there’s an app for that! As many may know, Gates is a big player in the automotive belt industry and now they’ve gone digital with their Gates PIC Gauge Belt Wear App with Parts Image Capture (PIC) technology. Talk about a breakthrough in technology! Gates’ […]

ADV.1 To Offer New Lamborghini & Audi OEM Program

Yep, that’s right, ADV.1 + Lambo = A Win! I’ll probably get a lot of heat because of this but let’s face it–Lamborghini’s factory wheels aren’t the best looking, IMO anyway… Well, what if you could snag a Lamborghini or R8 directly from a dealer but have a wider range of rollers to choose from? […]

VINScan Barcode Scanner Mobile App

FDP Virginia has released an app for the iPhone and Android phones called VINScan, a VIN barcode scanner app. Since the early 80’s vehicles have been required by law to have VINs (vehicle identification numbers) placed throughout the chassis. Generally these numbers have a barcode that matches them which can usually be found next to […]