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Ferrari And Apple CarPlay Collaboration Results In Really Outdated Dashboard

Apple has finally unveiled the much awaited car iOS, CarPlay, with its production version set to invade your car’s dashboard. Currently, manufacturers Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo have all implemented the system known previously as “iOS in the Car”. Ferrari has already set the price tag at $295,000 SRP, and has conducted several demonstrations on how […]

Gates Belt Wear App

Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear again–there’s an app for that! As many may know, Gates is a big player in the automotive belt industry and now they’ve gone digital with their Gates PIC Gauge Belt Wear App with Parts Image Capture (PIC) technology. Talk about a breakthrough in technology! Gates’ […]

VINScan Barcode Scanner Mobile App

FDP Virginia has released an app for the iPhone and Android phones called VINScan, a VIN barcode scanner app. Since the early 80’s vehicles have been required by law to have VINs (vehicle identification numbers) placed throughout the chassis. Generally these numbers have a barcode that matches them which can usually be found next to […]