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Switzer Performance Mercedes Tuning 700HP CLS63 AMG

Ohio-based Switzer Performance is a family-run company that specializes in making performance upgrades and custom builds to popular cars. The company has earned its stellar reputation and has won the hearts of Nissan fans with their unique Nissan R35 GT-R builds. However, word has gotten around that Switzer might have found its newest favorite, in […]

Switzer Performance Porsche 997 F90

Switzer Performance 900hp Flex Fuel Porsche F900

Enter Switzer Performance—this company is known for pushing out 600+hp Nissan GTRs on a regular basis with their P600, P800, and E900 (ethenol) packages. What I was recently pumped about coming across; however, is their latest E85 (Flex-Fuel) 997 Porsche. This thing is absolutely wicked! Some of you may recall their all-wheel drive “Sledgehammer” project: […]