Ferrari And Apple CarPlay Collaboration Results In Really Outdated Dashboard

Apple has finally unveiled the much awaited car iOS, CarPlay, with its production version set to invade your car’s dashboard. Currently, manufacturers Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo have all implemented the system known previously as “iOS in the Car”.

Ferrari has already set the price tag at $295,000 SRP, and has conducted several demonstrations on how the CarPlay looks inside their Ferrari FF.

However, because Apple and Ferrari are large companies that have always put much attention on details, the infotainment system’s big reveal has garnered mix responses from the public.

One of the biggest complaints people had was that the screen’s display capacity was nowhere near the standards of the iPad or iPhone. If your 2005 standalone GPS had a responsive dashboard where you can easily swipe through its interface, don’t expect the same for CarPlay. Instead of being able to navigate through the various menus with light taps, you need to push on the screen, thanks to its resistive touch screen.

However, the addition of Siri and other available apps more than made up for its weird choice of display interface, says Matt Brian of Engadget.

On the plus side, applications seem to load fairly quickly. Siri is extremely responsive and can recognize voice commands easily and accurately. Apple also added some safety measures to ensure that their users don’t get too distracted by the apps and take their eyes off the road. In fact, most of its features empowered the “hands-free” theme. If you get a message, for example, you don’t need to actually surf through the interface just to read your message. Siri would simply read your incoming messages to you instead.

Still, it’s a bit odd to find out that CarPlay uses a resistive touch screen, since Eddy Cue, the person in charge of Apple Maps and Siri has been on the Ferrari Board of Directors since 2012. People would then assume that since the two companies have developed such close ties, Ferrari would have adapted hardware similar to an iPad Mini for its display.

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If it’s any consolation, Ferrari is not the only automaker facing criticisms from the public. Demonstrations from Mercedes on the implementation of CarPlay on C-Class sedans garnered harsh comments as well. Blogger John Gruber even commented that it looked like someone just taped a drugstore Android tablet to their dashboard.

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