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Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear again–there’s an app for that! As many may know, Gates is a big player in the automotive belt industry and now they’ve gone digital with their Gates PIC Gauge Belt Wear App with Parts Image Capture (PIC) technology. Talk about a breakthrough in technology! Gates’ use of PIC technology is said to be a first-of-its kind measurement and evaluation tool for serpentine belt wear and tear.

With the combined use of industry-standard serpentine belt specifications, digital imaging technology, and the built-in camera on your trusty smart phone (gotta love technology, right), PIC Gauge analyzes the photo of your belt with patent-pending software.

During processing, it determines the amount of rib wear that has been applied to your belts and returns the following results:

  • Green: Within Spec
  • Yellow: Wear Detected
  • Red: Replace Belt

With the PICgauge App you can also store your information for future reference of the belt wear measured on any automotive or serpentine belt’s heavy-duty K-section. This a great tool for professional techs as well as service writers. It can help speed up diagnosis in the shop while also helping the somewhat car-illiterate owner to avoid costly repairs by overlooking wear and tear on their belts. Oh and best of all, it’s free

[Android app coming soon]

Gates Belt Wear PICgauge App Screenshots

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