Guy From Ukraine Converts Eclipse into Quasi-Reventon

Eclipse to Lambo Conversion

Check out this project car—at first glance it seems legit, right? Haha, this easily falls under my WTF category for blog posts. I will say however, that this guy went all out on this Mitsubishi Eclipse with extensive metal fab work, lambo door hinges, and even the led taillights to match. Although not my cup of tea, the attention to detail on this thing lands them an A+ in my book.

A whole lot of man hours clearly went into it but at the same time no fucks were given! This is however one of the better Lambo conversions I’ve seen around the internet.

Apparently zero dollars were spent on making this thing go fast, so what we have here is all show and no go. One of the pictures found, did have the owner holding a trophy from placing in a car show so I guess his efforts paid off.

I could think of few better ways to spend my hard earned cash but hey, you gotta give credit where credit is due and this guy really put in the work.

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