Official Specs Released on the US 2014 Nissan GTR

2014 Nissan GTR

US-based Godzilla fans rejoice! Nissan has finally released some heavy details on its much awaited 2014 Nissan GTR for your viewing pleasure. Much of the body styling seems to have have gone untouched; however, some say Nissan should design a more exotic looking GTR while others think it’s perfect the way it sits.

Digging deeper under its skin, it seems Nissan has focused more of their man power and engineering genius towards stability and rigidity with claims of going back to the drawing board, resulting in substantial revisions to the chassis. Alongside the added rigidity comes minor changes to the suspension with new spring/damper rates and an upgraded front sway bar.

Under the hood
As most are probably wondering if Nissan went with a new power plant or not, it’s now official that they’ve stuck with the twin turbo 3.8L V6 (VR38DETT), which again, has gotten a little bump in hp over the older model. The new GTR will put out 545hp (an increase of 15 horsepower) just by focusing on some simple basics—a redesigned intake and better flowing exhaust system. Those 545 angry ponies get transmitted to the ground via the same tire setup as last year’s GTR and the same set of Brembo stoppers are there to bring the madness to a quick halt.

Aside from the increased power, stiffer chassis, revised suspension, and very minor aesthetic touch-ups, on the inside Nissan gave us a Premium Interior Package. If selected upon purchase, the package will consist of red amber hand-stitched leather seats throughout as well as red leather accents on the armrests, steering wheel, dash panels and door trim. Another neat treat that Nissan will add for their customers, which Mercedes-benz has been doing for a long time, is every GTR VR motor will now come with a signed badge from the engineer who hand-built the engine. It seems as though Nissan is really pushing to improve the overall luxury perception in these GTRs, which a lot of people think is lacking for the price.

GTR Hand Built Engine Badge

Lastly, you can expect improved throttle response at mid to high RPMs thanks to the addition of a new set of injectors. And the usual dual clutch six-speed trans. isn’t going anywhere for 2014, like it or not, and neither is the Black Edition option.

The 2014 model is said to go on sale in January of 2013 but a price is still TDB as far as we know. As stated above, the Black Edition will still be available as well as the Premium GTR, both with the option of the Cold Weather Package, and/or the Premium Interior Package.

To get the full scoop we’ve provided you with Nissan’s entire press release here. (Share it with your friends!)

Engine specs:

  • Designation: VR38DETT
  • Cam configuration: DOHC
  • Orientation: Longitudinal
  • Cylinders / configuration: V6
  • Block / head composition: Aluminum/Aluminum
  • Displacement (liters): 3.8
  • Horsepower: 545 @ 6,400 RPM
  • Torque lb-ft: 463 lb-ft @ 3,200 – 5,800 RPM
  • Bore & stroke (mm): 95.5 x 88.4 (Plasma sprayed bore)
  • Compression ratio (:1): 9.0
  • Maximum engine speed: 7,000 RPM
  • Induction system: Sequential multi-point electronic fuel injection
  • Valvetrain: 4 valves per cylinder, CVTCS
  • Turbocharger: Twin IHI system
  • Mounts: 2 liquid-filled, side; 1 rubber, rear, 1 electronically controlled liquid-filled, front
  • Recommended fuel: Premium unleaded
  • Emissions system: 2 catalytic converters
  • Emission certification level: LEV2/ULEV (50 state)
  • Exhaust: Dual system, 4 outlets (2 each side)

images via: Nissan

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