Switzer Performance Mercedes Tuning 700HP CLS63 AMG

Ohio-based Switzer Performance is a family-run company that specializes in making performance upgrades and custom builds to popular cars. The company has earned its stellar reputation and has won the hearts of Nissan fans with their unique Nissan R35 GT-R builds.

However, word has gotten around that Switzer might have found its newest favorite, in the form of Mercedes’ CLS63 AMG. This has several fans disappointed that the tuning company is done with the R35 GT-R, after pushing it to what many believe to be the absolute limit—2,000 screaming ponies. Tym Switzer, head of Switzer Performance, assures customers that this is not the case.

According to SP, they’re not done with the GTR and will continue “pushing the envelope with that car, for those clients that want to test those limits.” The forming preference to Mercedes’ CLS63 may have more to do with a shift in customer demand than the SP crew giving up on GT-R.

“What our customers are asking us for isn’t always more GTR, anymore. Lately, they’ve been asking about other cars—especially the new AMGs.”

Working on the Mercedes AMG isn’t as novel as some might think it is. In fact, the AMG shares a lot of similarities with the Nissan GTR, such as twin turbocharged multi-valve engines, and all-wheel-drive.

They’ve always pushed the limits of what cars on the market can do, and the Mercedes AMG is no exception. Called the Switzer Performance P700 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, the custom-tuned car showcases a lot of distinct differences and improvements. The SP crew was able to get 700+ horsepower on the car’s twin-turbo V8, a huge difference from the 550 HP the AMG was originally capable of. Tym claims that a good launch could see drivers going from 0-60 in just 3 seconds. Acceleration on the 60-120 levels has also been greatly improved.

The difference in torque is a note-worthy achievement for Switzer. From the AMG’s original capacity of 531 lb-ft of torque, Switzer’s fine tuning has raised those numbers to 850 lb-ft. What’s more impressive is that the custom-tuned version not only has higher TQ numbers, but is able to achieve that level of torque at lower rpm numbers. According to Switzer, the car is capable of achieving 500 lb-ft of torque at below 2000 rpm!

The new Switzer Performance Mercedes Tuning build is currently available for CLS63 AMG models. The company also provides performance upgrades for the AMG’s SL, S63, and E series.

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