Switzer Performance 900hp Flex Fuel Porsche F900

Switzer Performance Porsche 997 F90

Enter Switzer Performance—this company is known for pushing out 600+hp Nissan GTRs on a regular basis with their P600, P800, and E900 (ethenol) packages. What I was recently pumped about coming across; however, is their latest E85 (Flex-Fuel) 997 Porsche. This thing is absolutely wicked! Some of you may recall their all-wheel drive “Sledgehammer” project: a 997 Porsche they built back in 2008, that reportedly put down a massive 1000hp at the crank with a quarter-mile trap of close to 200mph..with stock internals I might add; well Switzer Performance Innovations is at it again. Only this time they’ve gone green.

Could this be their “Hulk” project Porsche? I would definitely say so as this beast is far from tame. Approached by one of their previous customers out of Canada who didn’t want to conform to any fuel specifics or a specific performance package, they set out to build this 900hp Flex Fuel Porsche. He wanted to hammer the streets on a daily basis and still be able to hop over to an E85 pump, fill her up, and drop a quick pass in the low 10sec range at the strip.

Switzer Porsche Turbos

Under the hood, this green beast is strapped with Switzer’s own CNC’d Y-Pipe intakes funneling air to some nicely sized turbochargers that are plumbed into their monster intercooler kits. Exhaust gases are then expelled through their standard sport exhaust system for the 997. With the necessary sensors in place, timing and fuel injection is calculated based on fuel type by the supplied stand-alone ECU.

Notable Package Features:

  • Switzer-specific Alpha GT30 Turbos
  • BMC air filters
  • Billet Aluminum Intakes
  • Billet TiAL BOVs
  • TiAL HD Wastegates
  • 304 SS Exhaust
  • Upgraded Fuel System
  • Silicone Hose Kit
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
  • 304 SS BPRS
  • MONSTER Intercoolers
  • ECU Map Upgrade


[image via: switzer performance | gtspirit]

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